With Grace, Wisdom, Love and Power

Hi I’m Jenene Stafford and this is my inspirational blog.

This place is intended to bring inspiration, insight, wisdom, training and breakthroughs to Jesus Followers around the world to the calling God has placed on their life. I have two other writers at this time, Cindy Grasso and Suni Bradford who make guest appearances and I love them dearly. We will use our spiritual gifts with others with boldness, authenticity and humility.

It is my intention to shed the light of Jesus to people around the world that deeply desire to discover more about Who Jesus is and Why People Follow Him.

Look under the About tab to find out more about me or to Read the Statement of Faith.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed minister, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapists or counselor. I am an avid Bible student. I am a speaker, coach (life and business), girls advocate, writer, blogger, creative evangelist and fully-expressed-happy-clappy Christian. I am licensed in the School of Life and Hard Knocks and business coaching and believe that I am called to share my stories, experience, wisdom and training to brilliantly inspire Jesus-Followers of the world. I have participated in over 400 hours of group coaching and I am a life-long learner of how to live Spirit-filled. 

I believe as a Jesus-Following community  we absolutely can make a brilliant difference around the world in all these areas below if we will bond together and do something about:

the less fortunate
emotionally lost and helpless
prisoners of sexual slavery
teen pregnancy
addictions and cravings
family violence
the decline of our planet
the decline of the family
and so much more!

All that said, we are still human, as much as we will strive to walk in the Spirit and teach in the spiritual gifts God has blessed us with, a few may still find offense. However, it is our prayer that God will provide us favor among women and men around the world to know that not only will we stand for greatness in humanity, but we will work and walk for change in Jesus’  Church and to the people around the world.

From the very core of my being I pray you seek brilliance in your life so that you can be someone that will shine in the world.

I hope you will join us in our community and let’s live brilliantly every day!

With Much Christian Love, Jenene Stafford ] The Jesus Woman

P.S. If you want to know my heart intention of the blog, my passions, or what categories and topics will be discussed in the blog go to the About The Blog page under the Blog tab. xo

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