Best Practices of a Bold Christian Woman

Everything done in excellence first took a lot of practice.

  • Worry about what God thinks, not what other women think
  • Dress to feel like yourself, not to impress others
  • Diligently seek out the woman in you God can use
  • Never ever ever compare yourself to others
  • Acknowledge your self every day for how far you’ve come
  • Tell your thoughts to shut up as often as necessary
  • Worship God everyday
  • Pray all day long, silently if needed
  • Measure your success based on your willingness to do God’s will
  • Say “yes” to God more and “yes” to others a lot less
  • Choose wisely in accordance with God’s prompting
  • Learn to recognize the voice of the Liar and put him in his place
  • Ask yourself “Is that something Jesus would say to me?”
  • Ask yourself “Is that something Jesus would say to others?”
  • Remind yourself daily of what you’re committed to
  • Bring the light to every situation, even when it makes you look bad
  • Remember this life matters, but the next one matters more
  • Stop and ask a homeless person their story (pray first)
  • Kick your self in the rear when you judge another woman
  • Kick yourself in the rear when you envy another woman
  • Tell yourself to “stop it” as often as necessary
  • Love, love love as this is the greatest commandment of all time
  • Seek endless amounts of power everyday (through the Word)
  • Share your story just like your Father did
  • Remember, your story can change a life
  • Remember, your story can change someone’s eternal destiny

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