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Live in God’s power every day. Keep going on the journey to be all He has made you to be.

It’s A Touchy Subject

Where will your final resting place be? It may sound weird, but if you consider what you’re about to read, I believe you just might see things a little differently about how good and worthy you are to face God at the end of your life. How would you assess where you stand with your Creator? How do you think you will be assessed as a person who was gifted by God with life on earth?

First, I am asking you to consider that you breathe because God’s breathe was breathed into you making you and I living beings. This is what the Bible teaches. If you think about what an honor that is, it’s pretty profound. Also, in order to have a breakthrough you will need to let go of how practical or ludicrous, good or bad, innocent or guilty you think you are at this moment. My goal is to show you something spiritual because the mind assesses differently than the spirit. However, the questions I would pose are meant to reveal to you the actual condition of your mind, soul and spirit according to the Sovereign Judge.

For this moment, in order to assess accurately and play along with me, you sort of have to assess as if you are God, not your self. In other words, don’t talk yourself out of your authentic answers or you’ll miss the revelation. Be straight about it.

For this exercise, you must realize God ultimately gets to be the Judge and He is in control of your final resting or unresting place, not you.

So, I’ll ask you some questions and you need to answer them as honestly or brutally as possible from the perspective of a Holy God, not a diplomatically correct God. One should not confuse the two. Also, you should know that God does not compare you to anyone else and does not judge on a sliding scale. Consider that He judges fairly being the only Spirit that is capable of judging the true heart and integrity of a man.

  • Do you think you are a good person? Yes or no.
  • Do you think you are a moral person? Be honest.
  • If you could get away with stealing a million dollars and knew positively that you wouldn’t get caught, would you steal it?
  • Do you think heaven is a Holy Place?
  • Do you think Jesus was a Holy Man? Why?
  • Do you think it’s fair that holy and evil people should spend eternity together?
  • Do you know that God (The Creator in heaven) will not allow anything unholy in His presence?
  • Can you imagine heaven as somewhere that could be unholy?
  • When you consider there could be a hell, who do you think should be there?
  • Why do you think Jesus is referred to as the Savior or Messiah of mankind?
  • Is it possible you’ve been spiritually misled or deceived by something or someone you don’t understand that keeps you from wanting to serve God, rather than your self?
  • Do you know what the Ten Holy Commandments of God are? God’s laws for living.  (10 commandments (1) No Other God but me, (2) Don’t commit idolatry. Don’t worship other God’s like carved images. (3) Do not say Lord’s name in vain (4) Keep the Sabbath Day holy (5) Honor your Father and Mother (6) Do not murder (7) Do not commit adultery (8) Do not steal (9) Do not lie (10) Do not covet your neighbor’s wife or anything they own. This means don’t envy others.
  • If no, what will your excuse be when He asks why not?
  • Do you think anyone is capable of keeping all of the Ten Commandments 100% of the time.
  • Can you imagine a Holy God deceiving you? Yes or no.
  • Is it possible that man created religion, not God?
  • Is it possible that God wants a relationship with you more than rules?
  • Is it possible that the Bible is a Holy Prophetic Book offering proof of its validity available through studying it?
  • Is it possible that man created war, not God?
  • Is it possible that God is so fair and just that the world has evolved to this point of evil because God allowed freedom of choice to man? Is this fair in your opinion?
  • Is it possible that God has been trying to work around wars and religions created by man to reveal himself as your friend and not your enemy?
  • At this point, do you think you qualify as a family member in heaven with a Holy God?
  • If God created hell, why?
  • Is it possible than satan is the deceiver of the nations and that is why Jesus came to save mankind?
  • Even if you know little about Jesus or the Bible, if you were to be spiritually deceived, does your gut tell you it would be Jesus or satan to deceive you?
  • If there was a God that loved you beyond your imagination and beyond human understanding, do you think it could be Jesus?
  • Do you think God sees anyone as good?
  • How do you think you might be made Holy and acceptable to God, worthy of a Holy resting place?
  • Is it possible that the Creator knew something about the “power” of a Holy blood sacrifice that we cannot fully understand?
  • Is it worth asking for forgiveness and repenting of your sins, according to God’s commandments, to have Jesus reveal the Truth in your heart about how much He loves you?
  • Where will your final resting place be?
  • What do you really have to lose by considering everything that’s been revealed to you today?
  • Do you know what you have to do to know for sure you will spend eternity in a peaceful resting place?

Ten Commandments (Exodus Twenty)

3 “You shall have no other gods before me.”

(Put God first in your life.)

4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

(Don’t commit idolatry by worshipping anything other than the Creator.)

7 “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

(Don’t say the Lord’s name in vain.)

8 “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. 9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. 11 For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.

(Keep one day a week as a holy day that is just for resting and being with God.)

12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

13 “You shall not murder.

14 “You shall not commit adultery.

15 “You shall not steal.

16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

(Don’t lie.)

17 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

(Covet means don’t envy or desire someone else’s things at any level. This creates cravings for things that are not yours.)

The Challenge With The Commandments

Here’s the challenge with the commandments of God. No one is capable of keeping them continuously, however God knows are heart and if we are truly doing our best to be holy. There are still rewards in heaven for those who took these commandments more seriously than others. That seems fair doesn’t it?

Still God requires complete holiness. In a nutshell, that is the very reason Jesus came to save us from a life separate from He and the Father. We must get real with ourselves about our own falling short, repent, turn from doing things unholy as best we can and accept Jesus as Savior. He is the only way we can be made Holy so we can enter a peaceful resting place. 

We don’t want to end up in a final unresting place of weeping with evil and darkness for all eternity. The candles seem romantic in the dark now, but take away the candles and it’s pitch black. So, if you think you are seeing righteously living by your own terms, being self indulgent, don’t be deceived. We will ALL be judged by the One who was chosen to make the call. His name is Jesus. Every day, you are choosing a path that will lead you to eternal good or eternal evil. Choose today to accept the Savior’s gift.

Help Katy Perry and Hollywood

Well, I said it a week or so ago, God is shaking things up in Hollywood. I prophesied this last year to my husband regarding Hollywood. It is happening. Two movies are coming out in February (Son of God, and March (God’s Not Dead). Just last night I said to my daughter “God like to do things in threes to really make a point so I’m expecting to hear about a third movie.” Today it happened. The movie set for April 9 is “persecuted”. You need to go to their Facebook page because honestly the trailer doesn’t say enough in my opinion. However, I can tell you it seems to be about Christian freedom. I’m now making a prediction, however, it is not a prophetic word at this point. I believe every month a new movie regarding Christianity, Jesus or God will come out as a major motion picture film every month this year. I say this because the Lord said to me, “everyone in Hollywood will be asking what is going on in Hollywood?” I think it will take even more than three films to get the “making Jesus famous” again to show up in the headlines, therefore I am making this prediction that there are a lot more films coming. The Lord said, that “even people who don’t believe in me will be asking what’s happening? No one will be able to deny His presence on the Big screen.

Katy Perry – The Dark Horse


I listen to Christian music so I didn’t know who Katy Perry was until last Sunday when part of the presentation at Church showed the top 5 most popular twitter pages, but didn’t actually show the page just her number of followers being 50.5 million. I felt a strong pull toward looking her up from the Holy Spirit and I knew ahead of time she would be satanic and I didn’t know exactly why God wanted me to look her up. First I looked her up on Youtube and saw the 2014 Grammy show but only listened to 30 seconds of the Dark Horse presentation. I, being very spiritually sensitive, sensed the evil hypnotic influence in the music immediately, so I only watched the words. I recognized quickly the satanic nature of the words as well.

I found out about the third movie today “persecuted” due to a wild set of online coincidences. Somehow during my online travels I came across an article regarding the Grammy Show, which I am not afraid to say, was so satanic. Sorry, my dear Katy Perry, but it’s true, even if you are completely blind to the powers of darkness at work (which I don’t believe you are), the dark horse is not a myth it is a symbol of end time prophecy and Katy Perry said herself in an interview on youtube (I personally watched) that she was going to put a spell on the audience. Yep and that’s what I believe she did with the help of demonic forces.

Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant, a popular Christian artist, walked out of the Grammy show and tweeted about it, but remained silenced for one reason or another regarding the details and what she saw. I was disappointed she didn’t speak up personally, but it could be the Lord had His reasons. Only Natalie can answer that.  Here’s the article about Natalie and the show.

I hope it’s not a surprise to you all that I pray for people like this. Why? Because we’re called to and she has millions of people following her straight to the real hell not the one presented in her cool presentation.  Followers of Christ have to take the Jesus’ Great Commission a little more seriously. Sorry, was that too honest! So, if she turns back after satan gets done playing with her, I’m praying she’ll bring millions of people back to Jesus with her. What a testimony she would have! It’s looking pretty satanic in Hollywood these days. Madonna is her idol and she also is someone following the Illuminati. It’s no wonder to me that Jesus feels a need to bring some Light into the darkness of Hollywood and maybe win some of those satanic souls back. As uncomfortable as that could sound, it is going to happen. You will see them come out and help the Lord by revealing the truth about satan, the Illuminati, witchcraft and black and white magic and it’s all idolatry.

Watch this video  I give you a heads up this man is pretty ticked off about everyone thinking it’s cool to follow satan and personally I don’t blame him. I’m pretty ticked off at the deception as well. That’s why I’m going to pray some serious warfare prayers for Hollywood and these poor deceived souls. Satan might seems cool when you’re following him, but not so much when you try to get out of his grip. It’s no small matter.

At least one of my adult daughters is so blinded by Katy Perry that she said to me “Mom, she’s a Christian.” I hope that was a prophetic vision, but I don’t think she has that spiritual gift. Katy had Christian roots so I think there are other young Christians following her. I asked my daughter to please stop listening to her music and that I would explain the meaning of her video the next time I see her. Everyone needs to talk to their kids about this and speak out.

The problem with the occult is the power of the enemy is so hypnotic it just sucks young people in. The way the spirit realm works is not talked about enough so that people understand the permission we are giving to the dark spirits to wreak havoc in our lives. These spirits influence Christians and non-Christians when we blindly open doorways and play in the enemy’s camp. This music is one way of thousands of ways. I’ll talk about many of the other ways in other blogs in the future. Please pass them on. This is a simple way to get the word out. (Thank you)

Remember: The Lord said, every knee will bow, on heaven and on earth and below the earth that Jesus is Lord. As followers of Jesus we need to pray. We are at war. Do not fear, like Natalie Grant did not saying why she personally had to leave the show. I love Natalie Grant but we’ve got to be bolder than this and risk our reputation and our popularity for the sake of the Truth. That Katy Perry performance was satanic in every way. And my God can turn every evil into good. I am asking you to pray and agree with me to call out Christ’s Church from every corner of the earth and from every religion, even satanism. Christians have to stop being such wimps. (Sorry if you’re not in the category of a wimp.)

The apostle Paul certainly didn’t start out a saint. Every person can turn back to Jesus and His arms will be open to every person genuine about following Him.

The Lord’s Way Is Better

The spiritual gift of exhortation is alive. This gift penetrates the heart and our convictions to make us strong. I encourage you to listen and accept that thing the Lord is calling you to. “You will feel My pleading today” says the Lord.

Transform us today Father a little more. Transform our mind and our thinking to give us the mind of Christ, who humbled Himself to the Father’s will. Sometimes the Lord calls us to unusual things, He tries us to see if we will we be willing to do what He asks. Will you be controversial for Christ? Will you carry a pit in your stomach and be brave today? Will you be willing to be uncomfortable in this life to follow Him? If you will, His grace will  sustain you. Patient endurance is what we’re called to.

I am not a patient person naturally. This is an area in my own life where the Lord has rung me out. Impatient people want they want and they want it right now. The ringing out process takes the me out. It hurts our personality to learn patience and it is all for the better to become less of ourselves and more like Jesus.

We’ve got to learn to be unreasonable because God does not always show up in a pretty little box.

Teachings of Jesus

Matthew 10:35-39 says:

35   ‘I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
36     Your enemies will be right in your own household!’

37 “If you love your father or mother more than you love me, you are not worthy of being mine; or if you love your son or daughter more than me, you are not worthy of being mine.

38 If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine. 

39 If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.

God will destroy anything that doesn’t work in us for His purpose. That breaking hurts, but it is a necessary breaking. It is the breaking of strongholds. He will test us and prove us. Why do we remain surprised? Jesus was a miracle worker and we can follow in those foot steps, but it’s going to take something for us to do that.

Or perhaps you think you have arrived in this area, like Peter at the Lord’s Supper. The Lord put him in his place gently and let Peter know he would deny Him three time before the rooster crowed. It’s amazing what the Lord will take us through to humble us. He is the potter, we are the clay.

The Lord is birthing in us our destiny. Each day we should be praying that we take steps and make decisions that will line up to that end. When we begin to see our life from that perspective, it will help us to get out of the Lord’s way and provide us more peace during this journey. We must set ourselves, our time and our motives to the side so that the Lord’s will can rise up inside us.

Our own imaginations must be cast down so that the Lord’s true vision will be seen. The Lord is a visual and auditory God and He wants us to see Him and hear Him. He said, “my sheep hear my voice and they follow me”.

There are many things happening in your life that seem senseless and painful, but they are in preparation for your God destiny. Pray to see the deeper meaning behind your sufferings. The enemy will come full force and whisper all kinds of things to make you give up and question God’s goodness, but the Lord’s grace is sufficient even with the thorn in your side, so keep standing. Relief is coming soon, says the Lord.

For me I believe the biggest area where I needed a spiritual breakthrough was is in the area of making mistakes. You see, I am a natural perfectionist, I despise making mistakes. My Dad set me up poorly in this regard. He told me as a little girl, a C is average for other people, not for a Stafford. We are not average, a B is average for a Stafford and we’re not average.” What this told me was that only an A was acceptable. I battle this need to not make mistakes every day, to feel like I can measure up. I know I’m not alone in this. We will never measure up, but we can strive to live worthy of our calling.

Three weeks ago the Lord said to me, “Jenene, the reason you are moving at the pace of a snail is because you are afraid to make mistakes.” Ouch! That hurt, but I was so incredibly grateful for that Word. Always at the core is fear. Fear is what holds us back too often. 

Pray to be led by spiritual perception and have your needs be secondary in your approach to God. Seek to perceive God’s will so that the Spirit of revelation will arise in your life. This way of approaching your prayer life was shown to us by Jesus, however we have learned to memorize it, but not let it saturate our soul. : (1:Honor His name) Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, (2nd: submit to His will) thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (3rd: Provision) Give us this day our daily bread and (4:Forgiveness) Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us (5: Lead us) and lead us not into temptation, (6: Deliver Us From ) but deliver us from evil (7: Honor His Authority) for thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen

You have your voice inside you and God’s voice. We want God’s voice to come to the surface because that voice is the one that is sealed to our destiny. God wants to hear His voice shine through you because His own Word is what has power, love and grace. His Word is what Jesus Himself prophesied and used as the weapon to overcome the enemy’s temptation.

I hope this makes sense to you. I know some of this stuff is deep and with a seeker friendly Church  at large we don’t hear the deeper Truth at the pulpit often enough. I believe this place is anointed for those Christians who are ready to break out and grow up spiritually speaking.

I pray for a revolutionary shift in your will today in order to be worthy of God’s call. Lord, I am asking you to oppose anything that is not in your will. “The flood is coming to Sacramento”, says the Lord. Amen

Lead With Spirit

We must know in our bones God’s heart for equality and wholeness in the body of Christ then live our lives out of that truth, with invitation and joy, as living prophets of God’s way of life. -Sarah Bessey

Beautiful! Beautiful! I love that quote. I really don’t know if it’s possible to put into words how full of joy my heart is to see the Church rising up and coming together to realize we’ve got to focus on our similarities and set aside our differences, but there’s more to go. I’ve been on a rant about this in my head for years now. My heart has been broken so many times as I’ve talked with my daughters that aren’t following Christ. I have heard their arguments about “the Church” and they are valid points. It has taken a long time to get this place of grace in a place where grace was created.

The brokenness of Church leadership impacts American society, the world and our culture. Some churches are getting on board and becoming more accountable to how far their reach can go in the world, however too many still are not. It’s time for a powerful move of God and new strategies to reach the world outside the Church walls. When the world is starting to notice the good works we’re doing we know that our Father in heaven is being glorified and we as His children are transforming into His True leaders. The Church needs exhortation to boldly call them to a higher understanding of expanded leadership.

I believe what we’re seeing now is evidence that God’s Spirit is moving and expanding and preparing us because the time is seriously drawing near. We are learning oh so slowly, but nonetheless learning, how to love each other and the peoples of the world.

Once again it is time to stand up and lead with the Spirit of God at the helm and create a new generation of Spirit-led leaders that can affect culture. Leadership really is about calling out the greatness and value of another human being, calling out their determination and allowing for the freedom to be uniquely inspired by God.

I have prayed for nearly four years looking for clarity on where to focus my efforts in order to accomplish the prophetic vision the Lord gave me to bring healing to the nations. I am getting clearer and clearer that if we want world change and to change the eternity of a world crying out for Truth, then our leaders must lead boldly with God’s will leading the charge. My God-inspired vision is to call out greatness and transformation in God’s leaders and this will accommodate for my burning desire to see God’s Church rise up, put our selves aside, and finally lead like Jesus. The burden I carry are for the lost, broken, homeless and enslaved. These real cultural and world issues can only be eradicated by God’s Holy Spirit working through His leaders. Leaders need an explosive awakening and quickening to a fresh perspective on the possibilities of the Great Commission if we choose to take it seriously. Where there is no leadership there is decline. Where there is leadership there is transformation and growth.

So many leaders have given up or become resigned to what they are seeing going on around them. We need to stop complaining about it and do something. I am learning the Lord’s hand isn’t moved by our complaining. There is no value in it in our direct dealings with God. I truly believe we will be surprised when the Church finally realizes that we’re not only responsible for our churches, but also for what is happening and has happened around the world for thousands of years. It is no wonder, the Lord prophetically spoke regarding the future, (paraphrasing) many in that day will say Lord Lord we did all these great things in your name and we cast out demons in your name and still Jesus will say, I never knew you. The big BECAUSE is- because you did not do the will of My Father in heaven. Don’t kid your self we can easily be led astray by the enemy in our spiritual gifts and stop following GodLet’s get on board with God’s will minute by minute and in each step we take. That is true authentic commitment to Christ by submission.

We need more leaders willing to say what needs to be said. We need more leaders to have an awakening to their responsibility to Christ Himself. We need more leaders to recognize the gift we have to be able to go into the Holy of Holies and see miracles happen as we bring our best offerings to Him. We need the warrior to rise up inside us and fight for a Church that WILL BE JUDGED because Jesus commissioned us to go into the nations and it is about time we get serious about this. In my Lord’s name I pray for a miracle in the mind’s and hearts of His leader’s today.

I can hear Him now saying, “rise, rise, rise”.  Yes Lord. Amen

Bring Your Fire & Rain

Some of us feel the cry of Jesus, his heartbreak over His Church.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to watch His children be tossed about, have their eyes closed and sit back comfortably watching the enemy thwart His plan. While He knows His plan is good and perfect, the enemy works to make us weak, lukewarm and useless in God’s Kingdom.

I know how it sounds crazy to a lot of Christians, but I really do feel the cry of Jesus. I have heard His voice to bring healing to the nations and I know as sure as I breathe this very moment that it because we are being so small in the face of such a BIG God. We are wimpy too often and try to do so much within our own strength. Jesus doesn’t work that way. It’s His strength that matters. Our job is submission to the will of God. Our job is boldness in the face of all the giants around us. Our job is to stand even when we’re violently trembling with fear. In that stepping out and attempting to walk on the water, it is the power of God that will rise up and make us into His True Church.

We must battle the mind and the consistent distractions of the enemy in order to come to terms with God’s way of doing things. The news is good, however, because the reward is a victorious life and purpose in Christ and there is nothing in this world more fulfilling than that spiritual knowledge. It’s my deep prayer for a Church awakening, for Jesus to rain down from heaven and end the drought of faith, for fire to consume the works of the enemy and purify our souls so that we will rise up and become true warriors worthy of our calling. We’ve got to get our head into the clouds of God and out of this chaotic world. Ask the Lord to give you a vision for His plan for you and do not let it go. It is what you must hold on to help you keep going forward.

If you let go of the vision because you’re worn out, it’s predictable to move into resignation and then depression. What follows can be a nightmare and a sure way for the enemy to take ground in your mind. It’s a tactic he uses all the time. Resignation brings depression, depression brings sedation and then the world becomes an easy target and we aren’t even a worthy adversary to the enemy. We are then subdued and looking around trying to figure out how in the heck did I get here?  Now, we’ve become truly useless because we’ve blindly given our authority to the enemy. This is why I pray God will open our eyes so we can see what the enemy is doing to the Church.

If our job as Christians is to bring healing to a broken world through Christ, how do we do that when the enemy has such an unworthy military opponent! We are putty in his hands. It’s disgusting! Now, everyone, Christians and world religions are feeling the change in spiritual climate as we draw closer to Christ’s return. Christ is preparing His army and I can’t sugar coat this, He will eliminate the barley that is of no use to him. He is right now drawing His Church from everywhere and the religious are going to balk and not get it. This is why they will lose their religion.

Who are we to tell Jesus where to pull His army from? This is the day we’re in. It’s fighting time and no time for useless Christians. It’s the kind of time like when Jesus said in His Holy Word, you will drink my blood and eat my flesh and the disciples went running. They said this is too much, we can’t handle this crazy talk. That is the season the Church is in, so don’t be surprised when you see a little more chaos and division in the Church because it is all for the sake of preparing for Christ’s return. Those who remain standing will get their crown. Those who see will see even more. Those who truly love will love the unloveables. We will see miracles happen in America because we’re going to get very hungry for Truth in the middle of the chaos. There is great hope during this season.

This American soil is being tilled. The entire New Testament Bible is a witness to the effectiveness of Jesus’ cultivation of the“soil.” His True disciples will go on to do miraculous things in forwarding the Kingdom, as we carry out the Greatest Commission the world has ever known, to share the grace and story of a loving, kind and sovereign Jesus.

As Jesus’ present day ambassadors of Truth, we’ve got to hoe, weed, remove rocks, and fertilize the soil so that the ones in whom the Word is sown might be able to understand it, hold it, live in it, and produce an abundance of fruit. (John 15:5). My prayer for you today is to tend to your own ground so we can help with other people’s soil. Now is the time to draw closer to the Creator of the soil and remember in Mark’s version of this parable, Jesus is portrayed as using the phrase,“nobility of character” (greek word- kalokagathia). The phrase is used to describe “good soil,” that is, the person in whom the Word takes root and produces well.  John 15:5, which is my life’s Scripture to live by, that says (5) “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” Notice the word remaining. Remain in Him and you will produce beautiful things. Stand and then stand some more.

Know Jesus. Know Power. No Jesus. No Power.

God is always faithful to us, but our journey to be faithful to Him is another story. I think it’s because people have a hard time grasping how accessible God really is. That tells me we need to do a lot more growing up spiritually speaking. We need the power of God in our lives to live out His purposes.

I was raised in a family where I was in desperate need to feel loved and Jesus showed himself faithful. I was so desperate for love I thought I would die of loneliness at times. I was a heartbroken little girl and felt like an outsider in my family. This has caused me to have a great compassion for those who are lonely, outcast or heart broken.

I learned about Jesus’ teachings and his ministry through a children’s Bible that I came to depend on for survival, but I knew His Spirit way before that.

Yesterday, my seven year old unchurched Grandson reminded me of how amazing God is when we’re children. Yesterday he started talking about God. His parents aren’t Christians to set the stage so I use discernment in our conversations about God. He told me God was a Spirit and He created everything. Then I said, “Do you know Jesus?” He said, “of course Grandma”. I said, “who is He?” He said, “Jesus is God too and He is really nice and He is going to come back some day.” Pretty insightful for an unchurched seven year old.  I said, “who told you all that?” He said, no one, I just know. I said, “how do you know?” He said, I don’t know, I just do.” Is that awesome or what! That’s my God! Then, last night when we were going to bed, he said he wanted all of us to have a turn to pray. Then he made a game of it. He said, “I think this is a good practice. I want to get really good at this.” Hmmm. I think he got that desire from his Grandma. We each prayed seven times a different prayer, Isaiah, me and Grandpa. He wanted my Granddaughter Kaydance to play, but I reminded him she wasn’t even two yet. I was blown away! He said, “I want God to talk back to me and I can’t hear him.” So I told him what I tell everyone, “sometimes it takes special ears. So you should pray for special ears to hear God.” I also told him “God talks to his heart so listen with your heart.” He understood all that. Yesterday was a special day!

When I was a child I knew when that feeling of loneliness and desperation showed up I could grab my Bible and it would be enough to get me to the next day. It became my source of power and strength to keep going. Jesus’s Word and His example became my life survival kit and my source of hope. Until I was 30 I was doing a lot of surviving. I survived many horrible and unspeakable things. I am a walking billboard of the grace and miracles of God. Without the Power of the Word in my life, I’d literally be dead today.

The feeling of emptiness and powerlessness that life had a tendency to bring could only be filled with a living and breathing God. I needed more than words in a book to get me through. Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through me. The Father greets me every day with such gladness as I approach His Throne of grace. I’ve learned not to take what the Bible says for granted because there’s real power in it. The more we depend on the Word as as a way of life the more we activate the power that’s available to us.

Now, years later, I still depend on the Word for times of survival, but I’ve moved on from wanting to survive- to wanting to thrive as a partner and daughter of God. I want to learn the mysteries of God because I believe these mysteries need to be described to the world. These deeper Truths and mysteries are creative conversations that draw people, especially the spiritual. I make no bones about it, I am on a mission to draw people to Jesus.

The more mature I become as a Christian, the more I desire to experience the presence and power of God even more in my life. I realize now He’s waiting for us to believe we are who He says we are, children of God. I’ve learned the secret to having a profound spiritual relationship with God- BE DETERMINED!  Be determined to follow God’s Word and CHOOSE POWERFULLY everyday to make Jesus your way of life.  As a mature Christian I now COME BOLDLY to His throne where I know without a doubt there is pure power, love and compassion. How absolutely blessed we are to be able to come to the throne of God and be accepted exactly as we are. God is surely waiting for us to get this at a much deeper level.

Stop Being Small

If you’ve been being small in your relationship with God, today is a beautiful day to start being big, for God’s sake, for your sake and for the world’s sake. Just commit and stop it!

Remember These 3 Things

Be determined to follow the Word

Choose powerfully to make Jesus your Way of life

Come boldly to His throne of grace every day



Such a Creative God We Serve

About three years ago God began to talk to me a lot more than I was used to. During that time I have been watching, listening, learning and discerning. I am learning to trust His Voice, visions and prophecies much more. Although I am quite sure this will be a lifelong journey.

My focus is to keep my eye always on Jesus and His plan, not my own. That helps a lot in the area of discernment.

You see, I had this REAL conversation with God and being someone who truly approaches my relationship with God with the awe of a child, I told God I wanted Him to pour it on! Give me all you got. Wow! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I said those words and actually meant them!

I look for God with they eyes of child, with amazement, with expectation, with excitement to see what He is going to do next. I’ve learned that He really wants more of His followers to approach Him this way. Don’t come to Him expecting a little God to show up or that’s what you’re going to find. We let fear stop us because it’s not really mature of us to expect healing miracles, is it? Yet we know fear does not come from God, caution does.

And, of course, we’ve got to put how the miracles show up in “our” box too. Really? Most of us are really comfortable with a slow and ease into it kind of healing, but God forbid a mass move of the Spirit of God! We immediately go to the place of thinking they must be a false prophet. Some are. Some aren’t. I think we’re all going to very surprised to find out perhaps we weren’t being discerning, but rather seeing what was comfortable for us to see.

Perhaps it’s time to start asking God what He wants us to see, comfortable or uncomfortable because that’s what really matters. Our viewpoint is very small and narrow, but His is All Knowing. In our assessments, let’s come from the place of the Holy Spirit’s gift of Love first because the enemy can get a foothold through being religious, being arrogant and being judgmental. Then we’re off assessing someone else and playing in the enemy’s playground without even knowing it. I hate that while the angels are celebrating it would only make sense that the demons are too when we consistently play in his camp.

Being someone who has had a lifetime of training on the angelic, demonic and spirit realms, I can be sure the ways of the enemy in keeping God’s people from the Good Plan of God are glanced over, missed entirely or hidden under the carpet for the most part in the Church today. I am absolutely positively convicted God told me His Church is sick because of those hidden things that need to come to the surface.

We’ve got to get Holy Spirit smart!

God’s hand is moving and America will see it this year. He is going to show up and surprise everyone. He is in places, like Hollywood, our Government and the occult working right now behind the scenes. He is being the master chess player and moving all the pieces around.

As I was writing and praying this word came to me from the Lord:

I will come out of left field, says the Lord. I will be everywhere, in the media, on the big screen and this year I will not be ignored in America. I am God, I am the Leader of this country. I have not given up my domain. I will rise again in this country. Keep looking, keep praying and see me rain down miracles from heaven. For I am God, I am the God of the Universe, the God that holds this country in the palm of my hands. With new eyes you must see so that you do not miss the good things I have for you. I speak to each one reading this message. I am calling out my chosen to let your voice be heard. Do not be silent. Trust me and share the Good News. My Word says that my old men will see visions and my young men and women will prophesy. This is happening now and I will prove that I will not be put in a box. The conservatives will speak in tongues, those that are religious will lose their religion. Those that serve me diligently with purity of heart, I will tremendously bless for your faithfulness, for not putting me into a small box. The miracles are coming and my miracle workers will rise up and many be healed in My Name. America has exciting days ahead. The parliament will lose control and I will step in. I will change things that seem to not matter, but in the big scheme of things the small things matter. Pray! Pray! Prepare! Prepare for my coming! It is soon, sooner than you think. There is no time to waste. Put your selves aside right now. Start a new day with me leading the charge. Get out my way! Tell satan to get out your way! Take authority and be the large children I am calling you to be and have always called you to be. Go forth and do good, my bright children. Put him under your feet and walk powerfully in the new gifts that I will provide. Stay focused on the face of my Son Jesus. He will not lead you astray and He will lead you down the path of righteousness. Do not be swayed by riches, for my riches are so much greater. Forget all that makes you feel secure, I am your security. I provide good things to my children. Please be my friends, be my servants, be my children and you will discover the Kingdom of God and all its beauty. Where there is power, I am there, where there is love I am there. Where there is grace I am there. I am everywhere, in each one drawing out the power of the Word. Heed the call! My children know my voice, listen for it, expect it. I am not silent in your ears. Anything that you leads you toward comfort is not of me. I call you out of the comforts of this world into a world of the unknown and mysterious because I am a God of secrets. I have provided you the Truth to set you free from everything that holds you back. I am the revealer of mysteries and secrets and the gift of prophesy is alive and will serve my purposes very well as a useful tool in My Kingdom. Question anything that turns you away from me. Question anything that calls you away from the Jesus of the Word. Look for purity, look for goodness, look for mercy, look for grace, obtain it and then go and share it with those that are lost. My call does not change, my purpose does not change, my Word does not change. I do not change, but my methods do change. I am a creative God and I will continue to create new things and new life. Watch the stars. They will speak volumes and the hand of God will move again very soon, says the Lord.”

God’s hand is moving and we are His hands and feet. Here’s a link to a News Broadcast. 

Much grace & brilliance, Jenene



by Jenene Stafford ]  The Jesus Woman

Are You Being Intentional?

A good question to type up poster size and put on your bathroom mirror is “what is my intention today?”

Let me explain.

This came to me as I was once again soul-troubled as I was reading about the Christian Mystics. How many are misunderstood, right off the bat without hearing their story or what’s at the heart of who they are. Sadly, many so-called Christians are still living and perceiving things from a religious perspective, rather than a spiritual one. Jesus was so against that. It’s a time to get out of the box.

Am I saying everyone who claims the title of Christian Mystic a true follower of Christ? Absolutely not! No more would I say that should we believe that everyone who claims to be a Christian is actually a Follower of Jesus.

Jesus himself, said “many will come to heaven’s door saying Lord Lord and Jesus will say away, I never knew you because you did not do the will of my Father.”  This scripture confronts a lot of Christians and it needs to confront a whole lot more.

If we could go deeper please. What’s the spiritual teaching here?

Jesus set the example consistently to do the Father’s will. He said, not my will but your will be done Father. Do you think Jesus wasn’t tempted to say, “I can’t do this.”? If you’ve read the Word you know differently. Of course He was. He said, let this cup pass from me.

He lived each day intentionally, intentionally listening to the voice of God and doing the Father’s will. He was in the Father and the Father was in Him. This is such a powerful teaching. He said, we (His children) are in Them (Jesus, The Father & the Spirit).

Well, if that’s the case, are we ignoring Them because we don’t always sense Their presence? Or is it that we don’t sense the Spirit’s presence because we aren’t intentionally looking to do the will of God? Hmm . . .

Obviously, if Christ turns someone away it is for the reasons He gave in Matthew 7:21-23:

I never knew you.
You didn’t do the will of My Father.
You who worked iniquity. (immoral, corrupt, evil, wickedness, violators of moral law)

There’s no guessing here. As relational beings we know if we know someone or not. We know if we’re acquainted with someone. We know if we’ve read about someone or heard about someone. None of those things are knowing someone intimately.

When you know Jesus and His Way, His Truth, His Life, then you are intimately in relationship with Him and your deepest desires in life will be to know what He wants you doing with the gift of life He has given you. You will seek after those spiritual gifts the New Testament Bible teaches with humility so as to not move over into the devil’s camp unintentionally (being corrupted) as false prophets do (mentioned in Matthew 22-23).

Certainly we are at an age where the Spirit is moving powerfully and the spiritual gifts of true believers are increasing and it’s so exciting because we’re getting closer to our Lord coming back. We can’t fear this time, we need to celebrate it!

Do we need to be leery of those who call themselves prophets or apostles or are just a little outside or even a lot outside the box, who work miracles and heal others in the name of Jesus? Clearly Jesus says in verse 22 “many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works?” He’s telling us the culture will consist of a lot of supernatural movements, but He’s not saying don’t trust anyone who uses what much of the Church would refer to as the “questionable” gifts. He’s speaking to us letting us know that time is coming (I think it’s here.) and it’s a warning to not be corrupted by the power. We are still jars of clay carrying an incredible power.

Some of us have kept our eyes on the Lord and are working miracles through the Spirit and prophesying through the Spirit with the Father’s intention and plan running the show. We are still part of the Body of Christ in it’s wonderfully artistic form.

Too many doorways are opened unintentionally because we are not living intentionally for God’s will remembering it is God’s power working through us.

You’ve got to keep your eyes focused on Jesus, who knows our intentions. He knows the heart better than we know ourselves. He knows our motives. If not, as our gifts grow we can become arrogant and get caught up in the moment of spiritual power.

We don’t have to like everything the Father calls us to do. That has nothing to do with being intentional.

If you will be intentional about doing the Father’s will and set yourself aside, miracles WILL happen. You will know a Holy Holy Holy God who has so many more good things for you. You will understand the power of intention will draw you to throne of His grace where all pure and lovely power exists.

There’s a lot at stake. Let’s be True Kingdom Builders and do the Father’s will. Let’s rise up and be the Church in all it’s Glory!

Much Grace & Brilliance,




by Jenene Stafford ] The Jesus Woman

We Need More Miracles

I know I’m abnormal. At 46 I’ve learned to accept and appreciate that about myself. I actually love meeting other abnormal people too. It reminds me of the beauty and creativity of God.

I think we need more abnormal or peculiar people in the world. It helps others around them to wake up a little, see things differently. We need that.

Part of what makes me so abnormal are my experiences in life and the way I spiritually perceive things. As an example since I was six years old I have been mesmerized by Jesus, truly intrigued with Him as a healer and compassionate God who walked the earth. He really stood out for me. I started resonating with him at a very young age. Somehow I believed he really did perform miracles and I thought with a childlike mind about it and still do. It just hasn’t made sense to me that we aren’t doing what he did a lot more.

Therefore I’ve been on a journey to get answers.

Along with that a gift of heart wrenching compassion came for the forgotten, starving, sick and heart broken. Honestly remember experiencing physical pain when I saw starving children on television and started imaging myself becoming more and more like Jesus. Constantly in the question of “Why don’t we see more miracles?”

As a child I obviously didn’t realize the personal sacrifice, study, prayer, testing and pain that would come along with being abnormal like Jesus. I see myself traveling the world to bring healing to children, men and women.

Am I speaking into being what has not happened yet? No. I’m speaking into being what has already been shown to me. The miracle is in believing in what He prophesies to us and stepping into our anointed/sanctified roles as his Daughters and Sons of God.

This calling requires wisdom in order to bring healing to those that are experiencing physical, spiritual or mental suffering. I do not take this Jesus-inspired calling lightly at all. I have at this point in my own life experienced so much personal pain, abuse, brokenness and wrongful judgment that I prefer to go and be with Jesus if He is not going to use me to shed light into the darkness of people’s lives. Since I have been assured that day is not coming as soon as I’d like, I trust my God to work miracles at my willingness to be used for a purpose that is completely beyond my own abilities.

I believe God is waiting on us to #1 go deeper, #2 step up and #3 believe in miracles with the humility of a little child.

Are you ready to partner with God’s Spirit?

Love & Grace,