Idolatry Hiding in The Church

Jesus said,”go and make disciples of all men.” Hmm. Did we miss something in the Church? Could it be that we are understanding this at a minimal level and we need to go deeper to grab hold of the Great Commission in its fullest potential? I believe that is absolutely the case. We have been tricked once again by the enemy’s schemes inside the Church.

We think if we can remain safe in our Church culture and be as Holy as possible we will remain untainted by the ugliness of the world. Can I ask you, how do we reach the nations then? Jesus said GO! He didn’t say wait for all the evil people to show up on your doorstep. He said, “do not reject an evil man.” Jesus was brave and he didn’t conform to the religious Pharisees, he reamed their hypocritical nature and called them snakes. He was angry because their attitudes were debilitating to the people, not life-giving. Anyone who is a hypocrite is also an idolater. Oh, wait a minute? I thought that the “evil” people worshipping satan and music and celebrities and cult leaders they were the idolators? Think again.

What did you think would hurt God more? His own Children committing idolatry blindly inside His beloved Church or people who were ignorant outside the Church? C’mon! His Church is sick. This is why. We aren’t getting it. We’re supposed to be out there in the world, but not part of the world. We’re supposed to be influencing culture, not sitting back and judging culture and doing absolutely nothing about it, except for gossiping about it. That’s disgusting to me as a True Follower of Jesus. How do we miss this unless we are so blinded by our own idolatry of worshipping our own religious convictions, rather than seeking spiritual convictions from Jesus Himself. Jesus is pleading with me, seriously Church, I am feeling His pain and it is literally making me sick. He has asked me to help Him heal His body? Seem strange? It did to me too until I got what He meant. He built the Church to bring healing to the world. How do we do that when we are sick ourselves?

Open your eyes. Pray. Listen. God is convicting His Church right now about this. It is preparation time, it is a day of mercy and Truth. The truth is, when the Jews (God’s chosen) absolutely refused to get how being religious lacked the nature of leadership, compassion and love, the apostles said “ok, let’s go and adopt the Gentiles then into the family of Christ.” I got news for you, Jesus is calling people out of cults, out of the occult and out of every disgusting form of evil because, like the Jews, too many so-called Christians are sitting on the sidelines doing nothing. So Jesus is going deeper. He went from the Jews, to the Gentiles and now He’s really going deep and He’s going to personally grab hold of the hearts of the children of darkness and turn them into the children of Light. These folks, they’re going to battle for Jesus because they know better than anyone the way the enemy is scheming, affecting the Church and culture. I don’t know if it should be this way, but I know it is this way. That’s the Jesus I serve, He will adjust His tactics according to culture to win every soul given to Him by the Father. I am His daughter and I will not be silent about this behavior in the Church. We were born to fight for lost souls, we were born to set the captives free, not be held captive ourselves by religion or the idolatry of comfort, while the enemy sits back and laughs in our face.

The Jews were writing the book on religion and playing God. We aren’t God! Yet when we don’t listen and can’t get over our self-limiting selves and we put God in a box and make Him fit into our pretty picture of religion. How are we different than the Jews of Jesus’ day? You see it just sneaks up on us when we stay comfortable in our own environment and soon we have the mentality of a cult, but everyone’s quiet about it.

Cult vs Culture

Most people think of someone like a Jim Jones when they think of being part of a cult (See definition 1 below). That’s the extreme definition. However, satan is pretty clever. In the Christian Church cultish thinking is a lot less noticeable. Christians might have the mentality of a cult member without having a leader who is a cult leader. Still, people revere the Pastor and the conventional ways of their Church environment, often times more than Jesus and it’s another form of idolatry. Even with a Pastor’s best intentions to keep their congregation set on following Jesus, some of us old school Christians can fall prey to this out of an unhealthy reverence (See definition 3 and 4). Especially if we’re not actively working for Christ and in a close personal relationship with Him. It’s a word of caution for those who get too comfortable. Comfortable can mean asleep.

cult n>

1. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
2. The followers of such a religion or sect.
3. A system or community of religious worship and ritual.
4. The formal means of expressing religious reverence; religious ceremony and ritual.

Healing The Nations

  1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
    “20th century popular culture”
    synonyms: the arts, the humanities, intellectual achievement;

    literaturemusic,paintingphilosophy, the performing arts
    “exposing their children to culture”

The enemy and His Kingdom are here to “destroy the nations”. They’re the evil guys trying to take down humanity. We were adopted by the Savior of Mankind, Jesus, to become Children of God and walk in His footsteps to change the world and people’s lives. Satan’s got two big goals, (1) affect the culture, and (2) keep Christ’s Church busy being deaf, blind, silent, sick and religious. This way God’s Army will be so busy feeling good about themselves they will miss entirely what the enemy is doing to our culture, country and the nations. Now is the time to wake up and get ready for Christ’s return, not by being comfortable, but by loving Him more than your own comfort. The Church should be angry with what is happening. However, who should we hold responsible? After all, Christ is coming back as the Judge to judge the Church. Were we not warned through the entire Holy Bible (prophetic Scriptures) that we would be fighting a good vs. evil battle? The whole idea of fighting, means you have an opponent, you are in battle not sitting on the sidelines, then when you have overcome, you will receive your reward. I know my Lord’s Church is bigger than this! I am praying, so fervently for Christ’s warriors to rise up and fight for mankind, the way Jesus taught us to.

Media, Music & Television

I admit that I’m not much of a tv person at all. I’m mostly a geek and watch the History Channel or documentaries, but the Lord has been speaking to me about getting my head out of the sand as well. I do a lot of research on the internet on various topics relating to following the teachings of Jesus, supporting Israel and prophecy. Now that I have come up for air, I am blown away at what I am seeing and I’m quite positive that the majority of Christians don’t even know what is happening. Recently Jesus has supernaturally led me to see some things so I could understand why I am feeling a great sense of urgency to help heal the Church. He keeps asking me to pray to call out His Church, to rise up. He is calling His Church from out of the darkest of places into His light.

Spiritually speaking things took a shift. Being someone with strong spiritual intuition, I felt the change. However, even though the Lord told me in 2012 that 2013 would be a year of miracles I didn’t look for the evidence and it was one of the more difficult years of my life so I wasn’t looking for what He meant. The evidence showed up recently for me in more ways than one. The evidence is overwhelming that God is trying to tell us to prepare because the end is drawing near. He is shaking everything up. He is not acting predictably, if He ever did. The weather and very strange occurrences happened last year all signs to what is coming.

Watch this Video

2012, 2013 and 2014 Satanic Performances

In 2012 The Illuminati symbols started showing up in the some of the super bowl  and Emmy Awards performances. Starting with Madonna (2012), Beyonce (2013), and Katy Perry (2014). There are so many news articles about these satanic shows, you can do the research your self. There is no question, totally satanic and representing prophecy in some cases like Katy Perry’s show regarding the Dark Horse, which can be found in Revelation. Katy Perry also has love songs written to satan without question. I have listened and watched all of these things personally. You can go to google or Youtube to watch for yourself, but in the case of Katy Perry’s song I would not listen. If I had a young child or teenager, I would go to no end to make sure my child was avoiding this music and start educating your children. This music is extremely hypnotic, as the enemy is, and it sucks you in and numbs you out. It is a new day in the Kingdom of God. Time to wake up.

Quick Overview of End Time Prophecy

If we know anything about prophecy, most people know that Jesus is coming back and the very end times will have the world ruled by the “False Prophet, the Anti-christ and Satan. Hm. There’s the trinity. Satan loves to mock everything Jesus does. During that time, it will not be pretty on any level, politically, socially or economically. We will need to receive some kind of mark (Bible says 666), the mark of the beast, in order to survive, buy food or do anything controlled by the Government. Right now, it’s an interesting time to say the least, if you can see what’s happening.

The One-World Order

If one uses some logic, we can see a little bit that the talks are already happening to create a single currency, this is a key to what those involved are predicting to be answer to many of the world’s economic problems. Oh, but don’t be fooled. Things are never as they seem when it comes to the enemy. The world will have to evolve to the place of being blind to what is actually happening so that the False Prophet and the Anti-christ seem so sovereign and as if they’re the answer to the world’s problems. Even the elite are being fooled right now. Sadly people don’t know the Book of Revelation and the unchurched world is completely “CLUELESS” while Jesus’ Church is sitting on the sidelines being blind to our responsibility of the Great Commission to help. We’re called to reach our un-churched culture with the Truth of what is happening and is going to happen sooner than what you think. The Bible says we’ll just be going about our daily lives, not expecting the rapture to take place, one to go and another to be left behind.

Who Is Mostly Being Targeted

For several years now we’ve become aware to some degree to television and a burger commercial nearing r rated. That’s getting scary for us. But, that’s just the most obvious. Another scheme of the enemy is to have Christians and society see the most obvious so they’ll miss the less obvious. I admit it, It’s a brilliant scheme. Right now, while we’re worrying about sexy commercials and sex scenes on tv, there are satanic symbols in our children’s cartoons (like Sponge Bob), but nobody notices because nobody knows, especially not the Church. We’re the last ones to notice.

The Illuminati has been brought to our attention for a hundred years, but we’re still writing that off as just “one more conspiracy” theory. Two years ago, I would have been right there with ya! I stopped watching the news of any kind ten years ago until the Lord put social, economic, religion and political research on my daily ministry list. Sometimes, I do these research tasks kicking and screaming, but I still say, “thy will be done Lord.” There are days when I feel like my head could just explode so I have to pray, worship and study the Word a lot to keep my sanity from all the things I am realizing from a prophetic point of view. My responsibility overwhelms me at times and I literally cry over this burden to see Jesus’ Church rise up!

I can see two areas that are being targeted. It looks like this. Young people today just want to be loved and free to be themselves and let everyone else be free too. I can get behind that, but there’s just one problem with the everything is acceptable point of view. Without a stand for something “Sovereign” and true in your life, the doors are open to all kind of opportunities and many of these opportunities are proven to start out looking really good until you’re stuck in a web with the spider.

Music Industry (MTV, The Devils Playground)

So we have a bunch of former Christian music artists who have turned from Christian music to “satanic music”. I’m not talking about secular music, I’m literally saying satanic music. Honestly, I don’t know if they even all know yet or if they’re in a contract to sing certain lyrics and use certain occult symbolism. Perhaps some of them start out thinking hey this is what they’re saying is Pop culture so I’ll do it. Woops! Then you’re in the trap and how to get out alive would be the next question.Who better than to take down than the leaders of tomorrow from a battle perspective. Take down the ones that are supposed to be the strongest, the youth.

Let’s also, take down our little children in America too, with video games and iphones so they won’t need social skills or people in the future. They’ll just need a screen in front of them and won’t have a single clue how to fight from a spiritual or soul perspective. Their natural God-given, well-rounded design will be limited to a hypnotized brain that will only react to the satanic symbolism in order to lead them to destruction. The symbols are in many of the cartoons, I’ve seen them myself, so it tells me that the enemy is totally working to prepare our little tiny children for something sooner than we think. It seems like they’re being prepared and we’re being prepared for a depraved and soulless society. (My opinion). Shall we move on to MTV.

Approximately five years ago MTV’s office in Canada moved into a Masonic Lodge. They added the Illuminati logo above their MTV logo and you can see the Masonic Lodge words below in the photograph. I don’t watch MTV, but in my research I have come across a lot of evidence that clearly “pop culture” is a major focus, if not the main focus, for how to prepare for the False Prophet and Anti-christ rule. Perhaps there was a “hidden message” in the Bible when it said, the root of all evil is the love of money.” Perhaps this was actually a prophetic statement. Knowing this was the biggest way the enemy would trap people to worship and follow Him, even ignorantly in the last days.

This video below is a very revealing video and I think it sheds a lot of light on what I’m talking about. I’m not writing this to scare you. I’m writing this blog because first of all, the Lord told me to and second of all, it’s time to prepare, Church. The best way to prepare is to draw closer to Christ and start doing the will of the Father. Follow the path He lays out for you. Be aware and become a True Follower of Jesus. Choose to do what He asks even though it might be really hard. Tougher callings are ahead. Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Rise up! He will never leave you or forsake you.

Watch This Video (Please watch. This is a Christian ministry that is committed to revealing the truth about how our culture is being prepared through music, media and secret societies, like The Illuminati. They cover various music groups and organizations throughout their videos. This is video number ten in their series The Truth Will Scare You of over 90 videos. )



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