by Jenene Stafford ] The Jesus Woman

God is Alive & Ready To Rock Your World


Do you ever wonder if God is dead? Do you wonder what He thinks about? Do you wonder if little old you is in the thoughts of our God?

I do, a lot. I admit it.

I spend time thinking about this kind of weird stuff. BTW: I like that I’m weird. I’m more concerned at this point in life that I worry about what God thinks of me, rather than the world. (Tip: Getting to this humble place opens a doorway to literally hear Jesus talk to us.)

So many of you are looking for Truth right now and at the same time humanity is in a dilemma. The more we wonder about God and we look for Him, the more our spirit becomes open to a lot of confusion. The Bible says that we have a real enemy and he is the author of confusion and He doesn’t want you to find Jesus. Even if you’re a Christian, he’ll work hard to keep you from knowing that Jesus has good things for you. There’s a plan and a purpose and exquisite and miraculous spiritual gifts waiting for those who diligently seek the face of God.

It’s time to stop settling for a mediocre, average or status quo relationship with Christ. There’s nothing ordinary about my God! He says “He has left the same spirit that had the power to raise Jesus from the dead with us.”

Do you get how profound this is?

Pray about it, seriously. Those words were meant for this day, today. Today is the day to wake up and start being brilliant. Go deeper in the Spirit by letting go of your box of who God is.

He’s the God that is showing up everywhere. There’s a spiritual awakening happening and the whole world is feeling it. He’s showing up in Hollywood, but the press does a pretty good job of hiding that, until NOW. This year God’s taking over.

The Lord lead me this morning to this movie in the banner at the top of this page, coming in March. (Spread the word., Pin it, tweet it, share it. Pretty please.) 

At the same time He has been walking me through how to put this blog together and He told me to add this category called “God In Hollywood.”

(BTW: If you want to hear another supernatural thing that happened. As I was creating the widget in my design program for God in Hollywood a spirit decided to irritate me and let me know they weren’t happy about what I am doing. The word Hollywood kept getting changed all on it’s own 3 times to black. After the third time, I said no more.) This kind of stuff has happened all my life and it happens to people a lot more than they’ve been willing to talk about it.)

It’s time for a little Truth in this world. The Bible says we fight not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces of wickedness.

If you’re not a Christian, the Bible refers to the leader of the Dark World as satan, the devil and the god of this world. There is one reason that he has been able to gain this title because humans are typically living for their own purpose instead of God’s purpose. The Bible refers to this as being carnally minded rather than spiritually minded. That’s his trick keeping you thinking about what you want rather than what God wants and has pre-ordained.

I think it’s time to start asking this profound question God, what do you want for me?

The world is getting tired of the enemy’s trickery and our human spirits are grieving and we are growing tired of religion vs relationship, selfishness vs. contribution, insignificance vs. significance, smallness  vs. greatness, sickness vs. healing, black magic vs. pure miracles.

Thank God we’re discovering that the “high life” will leave you with a god of this world that will leave you high, dry and empty.

Jesus on the other hand offers an authentic experience where He will never leave us and never forsake a single one who chooses Him. He is the fountain that springs up in our soul and fills us to overflowing with his Holy and Good Spirit.

Even if you battle the enemy day by day, which you will, God’s miracles will shine through if you will keep standing no matter what and continue to ask God to show Himself and His face.

I pray you just try on what I’m saying.

This year is a year for miracles in Hollywood, in America and in our Government, as well as Israel. His voice will not be quieted.

God’s truth spoken to me. That said, I’m going to be on the look out, with the help of God, to prove to you that what I’m telling you is truth. Watch and see. He WILL rock your world. Promise.


Much Grace & Brilliance,



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