Such a Creative God We Serve

About three years ago God began to talk to me a lot more than I was used to. During that time I have been watching, listening, learning and discerning. I am learning to trust His Voice, visions and prophecies much more. Although I am quite sure this will be a lifelong journey.

My focus is to keep my eye always on Jesus and His plan, not my own. That helps a lot in the area of discernment.

You see, I had this REAL conversation with God and being someone who truly approaches my relationship with God with the awe of a child, I told God I wanted Him to pour it on! Give me all you got. Wow! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I said those words and actually meant them!

I look for God with they eyes of child, with amazement, with expectation, with excitement to see what He is going to do next. I’ve learned that He really wants more of His followers to approach Him this way. Don’t come to Him expecting a little God to show up or that’s what you’re going to find. We let fear stop us because it’s not really mature of us to expect healing miracles, is it? Yet we know fear does not come from God, caution does.

And, of course, we’ve got to put how the miracles show up in “our” box too. Really? Most of us are really comfortable with a slow and ease into it kind of healing, but God forbid a mass move of the Spirit of God! We immediately go to the place of thinking they must be a false prophet. Some are. Some aren’t. I think we’re all going to very surprised to find out perhaps we weren’t being discerning, but rather seeing what was comfortable for us to see.

Perhaps it’s time to start asking God what He wants us to see, comfortable or uncomfortable because that’s what really matters. Our viewpoint is very small and narrow, but His is All Knowing. In our assessments, let’s come from the place of the Holy Spirit’s gift of Love first because the enemy can get a foothold through being religious, being arrogant and being judgmental. Then we’re off assessing someone else and playing in the enemy’s playground without even knowing it. I hate that while the angels are celebrating it would only make sense that the demons are too when we consistently play in his camp.

Being someone who has had a lifetime of training on the angelic, demonic and spirit realms, I can be sure the ways of the enemy in keeping God’s people from the Good Plan of God are glanced over, missed entirely or hidden under the carpet for the most part in the Church today. I am absolutely positively convicted God told me His Church is sick because of those hidden things that need to come to the surface.

We’ve got to get Holy Spirit smart!

God’s hand is moving and America will see it this year. He is going to show up and surprise everyone. He is in places, like Hollywood, our Government and the occult working right now behind the scenes. He is being the master chess player and moving all the pieces around.

As I was writing and praying this word came to me from the Lord:

I will come out of left field, says the Lord. I will be everywhere, in the media, on the big screen and this year I will not be ignored in America. I am God, I am the Leader of this country. I have not given up my domain. I will rise again in this country. Keep looking, keep praying and see me rain down miracles from heaven. For I am God, I am the God of the Universe, the God that holds this country in the palm of my hands. With new eyes you must see so that you do not miss the good things I have for you. I speak to each one reading this message. I am calling out my chosen to let your voice be heard. Do not be silent. Trust me and share the Good News. My Word says that my old men will see visions and my young men and women will prophesy. This is happening now and I will prove that I will not be put in a box. The conservatives will speak in tongues, those that are religious will lose their religion. Those that serve me diligently with purity of heart, I will tremendously bless for your faithfulness, for not putting me into a small box. The miracles are coming and my miracle workers will rise up and many be healed in My Name. America has exciting days ahead. The parliament will lose control and I will step in. I will change things that seem to not matter, but in the big scheme of things the small things matter. Pray! Pray! Prepare! Prepare for my coming! It is soon, sooner than you think. There is no time to waste. Put your selves aside right now. Start a new day with me leading the charge. Get out my way! Tell satan to get out your way! Take authority and be the large children I am calling you to be and have always called you to be. Go forth and do good, my bright children. Put him under your feet and walk powerfully in the new gifts that I will provide. Stay focused on the face of my Son Jesus. He will not lead you astray and He will lead you down the path of righteousness. Do not be swayed by riches, for my riches are so much greater. Forget all that makes you feel secure, I am your security. I provide good things to my children. Please be my friends, be my servants, be my children and you will discover the Kingdom of God and all its beauty. Where there is power, I am there, where there is love I am there. Where there is grace I am there. I am everywhere, in each one drawing out the power of the Word. Heed the call! My children know my voice, listen for it, expect it. I am not silent in your ears. Anything that you leads you toward comfort is not of me. I call you out of the comforts of this world into a world of the unknown and mysterious because I am a God of secrets. I have provided you the Truth to set you free from everything that holds you back. I am the revealer of mysteries and secrets and the gift of prophesy is alive and will serve my purposes very well as a useful tool in My Kingdom. Question anything that turns you away from me. Question anything that calls you away from the Jesus of the Word. Look for purity, look for goodness, look for mercy, look for grace, obtain it and then go and share it with those that are lost. My call does not change, my purpose does not change, my Word does not change. I do not change, but my methods do change. I am a creative God and I will continue to create new things and new life. Watch the stars. They will speak volumes and the hand of God will move again very soon, says the Lord.”

God’s hand is moving and we are His hands and feet. Here’s a link to a News Broadcast. 

Much grace & brilliance, Jenene



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