I Was Ruined For Life

Two weeks ago I transformed. I got educated and I am ruined for this cause. I met the founder of this heroic organization and his bold and amazing team. These people are my heros. They’ve got guts.

Sometimes it’s a moment in time and that’s all it takes to take the blinders off. I can’t tell you how many times in the last two weeks I’ve cried over the thought of what these little girls are suffering. At the same time I am sick over the number of people who are absolutely in the blind to what is happening.

Remember the movie The Wizard of Oz? Just a click of the of Dorothy’s heels and she was back at home again and she escaped the wicked witch. Well, these little girls have one hope and it’s Agape or there’s no escape. They’re not escaping this evil without our help.

Right now this organization is having a “Raise Her Ransom” campaign and is desperately seeking men to be REAL MEN and be a voice for abolishing this horrific evil.

$100 from 2000 men seems so simple.

I’d like you to imagine that you had a choice of your family either starving to death or selling your 6 your old daughter’s virginity for a high price of $60. That’s the reality in this horrible place. In the middle of the most sex-trafficked spot in the world is the largest building in this small village, a beacon of light and hope. It’s there because someone took a stand and said “NO MORE” and got their wallet out.

When I spoke with Don the first time, I wouldn’t give him any money because I said “I want to do so much more.” The reality was I thought my $30 wouldn’t make a difference. Then a week later I watched his documentary and my eyes were wide open. I couldn’t write that check fast enough. It occurs to me there are probably thousands of people who think their $30 dollars won’t matter either. Please just ask one person to help. Is that too much to ask? Please watch this video, it won’t ruin you for life, but I pray the Spirit of the Most High God will whisper in your ear to help somehow.

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