by Jenene Stafford ] The Jesus Woman

We Need More Miracles

I know I’m abnormal. At 46 I’ve learned to accept and appreciate that about myself. I actually love meeting other abnormal people too. It reminds me of the beauty and creativity of God.

I think we need more abnormal or peculiar people in the world. It helps others around them to wake up a little, see things differently. We need that.

Part of what makes me so abnormal are my experiences in life and the way I spiritually perceive things. As an example since I was six years old I have been mesmerized by Jesus, truly intrigued with Him as a healer and compassionate God who walked the earth. He really stood out for me. I started resonating with him at a very young age. Somehow I believed he really did perform miracles and I thought with a childlike mind about it and still do. It just hasn’t made sense to me that we aren’t doing what he did a lot more.

Therefore I’ve been on a journey to get answers.

Along with that a gift of heart wrenching compassion came for the forgotten, starving, sick and heart broken. Honestly remember experiencing physical pain when I saw starving children on television and started imaging myself becoming more and more like Jesus. Constantly in the question of “Why don’t we see more miracles?”

As a child I obviously didn’t realize the personal sacrifice, study, prayer, testing and pain that would come along with being abnormal like Jesus. I see myself traveling the world to bring healing to children, men and women.

Am I speaking into being what has not happened yet? No. I’m speaking into being what has already been shown to me. The miracle is in believing in what He prophesies to us and stepping into our anointed/sanctified roles as his Daughters and Sons of God.

This calling requires wisdom in order to bring healing to those that are experiencing physical, spiritual or mental suffering. I do not take this Jesus-inspired calling lightly at all. I have at this point in my own life experienced so much personal pain, abuse, brokenness and wrongful judgment that I prefer to go and be with Jesus if He is not going to use me to shed light into the darkness of people’s lives. Since I have been assured that day is not coming as soon as I’d like, I trust my God to work miracles at my willingness to be used for a purpose that is completely beyond my own abilities.

I believe God is waiting on us to #1 go deeper, #2 step up and #3 believe in miracles with the humility of a little child.

Are you ready to partner with God’s Spirit?

Love & Grace,



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