Help Katy Perry and Hollywood

Well, I said it a week or so ago, God is shaking things up in Hollywood. I prophesied this last year to my husband regarding Hollywood. It is happening. Two movies are coming out in February (Son of God, and March (God’s Not Dead). Just last night I said to my daughter “God like to do things in threes to really make a point so I’m expecting to hear about a third movie.” Today it happened. The movie set for April 9 is “persecuted”. You need to go to their Facebook page because honestly the trailer doesn’t say enough in my opinion. However, I can tell you it seems to be about Christian freedom. I’m now making a prediction, however, it is not a prophetic word at this point. I believe every month a new movie regarding Christianity, Jesus or God will come out as a major motion picture film every month this year. I say this because the Lord said to me, “everyone in Hollywood will be asking what is going on in Hollywood?” I think it will take even more than three films to get the “making Jesus famous” again to show up in the headlines, therefore I am making this prediction that there are a lot more films coming. The Lord said, that “even people who don’t believe in me will be asking what’s happening? No one will be able to deny His presence on the Big screen.

Katy Perry – The Dark Horse


I listen to Christian music so I didn’t know who Katy Perry was until last Sunday when part of the presentation at Church showed the top 5 most popular twitter pages, but didn’t actually show the page just her number of followers being 50.5 million. I felt a strong pull toward looking her up from the Holy Spirit and I knew ahead of time she would be satanic and I didn’t know exactly why God wanted me to look her up. First I looked her up on Youtube and saw the 2014 Grammy show but only listened to 30 seconds of the Dark Horse presentation. I, being very spiritually sensitive, sensed the evil hypnotic influence in the music immediately, so I only watched the words. I recognized quickly the satanic nature of the words as well.

I found out about the third movie today “persecuted” due to a wild set of online coincidences. Somehow during my online travels I came across an article regarding the Grammy Show, which I am not afraid to say, was so satanic. Sorry, my dear Katy Perry, but it’s true, even if you are completely blind to the powers of darkness at work (which I don’t believe you are), the dark horse is not a myth it is a symbol of end time prophecy and Katy Perry said herself in an interview on youtube (I personally watched) that she was going to put a spell on the audience. Yep and that’s what I believe she did with the help of demonic forces.

Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant, a popular Christian artist, walked out of the Grammy show and tweeted about it, but remained silenced for one reason or another regarding the details and what she saw. I was disappointed she didn’t speak up personally, but it could be the Lord had His reasons. Only Natalie can answer that.  Here’s the article about Natalie and the show.

I hope it’s not a surprise to you all that I pray for people like this. Why? Because we’re called to and she has millions of people following her straight to the real hell not the one presented in her cool presentation.  Followers of Christ have to take the Jesus’ Great Commission a little more seriously. Sorry, was that too honest! So, if she turns back after satan gets done playing with her, I’m praying she’ll bring millions of people back to Jesus with her. What a testimony she would have! It’s looking pretty satanic in Hollywood these days. Madonna is her idol and she also is someone following the Illuminati. It’s no wonder to me that Jesus feels a need to bring some Light into the darkness of Hollywood and maybe win some of those satanic souls back. As uncomfortable as that could sound, it is going to happen. You will see them come out and help the Lord by revealing the truth about satan, the Illuminati, witchcraft and black and white magic and it’s all idolatry.

Watch this video  I give you a heads up this man is pretty ticked off about everyone thinking it’s cool to follow satan and personally I don’t blame him. I’m pretty ticked off at the deception as well. That’s why I’m going to pray some serious warfare prayers for Hollywood and these poor deceived souls. Satan might seems cool when you’re following him, but not so much when you try to get out of his grip. It’s no small matter.

At least one of my adult daughters is so blinded by Katy Perry that she said to me “Mom, she’s a Christian.” I hope that was a prophetic vision, but I don’t think she has that spiritual gift. Katy had Christian roots so I think there are other young Christians following her. I asked my daughter to please stop listening to her music and that I would explain the meaning of her video the next time I see her. Everyone needs to talk to their kids about this and speak out.

The problem with the occult is the power of the enemy is so hypnotic it just sucks young people in. The way the spirit realm works is not talked about enough so that people understand the permission we are giving to the dark spirits to wreak havoc in our lives. These spirits influence Christians and non-Christians when we blindly open doorways and play in the enemy’s camp. This music is one way of thousands of ways. I’ll talk about many of the other ways in other blogs in the future. Please pass them on. This is a simple way to get the word out. (Thank you)

Remember: The Lord said, every knee will bow, on heaven and on earth and below the earth that Jesus is Lord. As followers of Jesus we need to pray. We are at war. Do not fear, like Natalie Grant did not saying why she personally had to leave the show. I love Natalie Grant but we’ve got to be bolder than this and risk our reputation and our popularity for the sake of the Truth. That Katy Perry performance was satanic in every way. And my God can turn every evil into good. I am asking you to pray and agree with me to call out Christ’s Church from every corner of the earth and from every religion, even satanism. Christians have to stop being such wimps. (Sorry if you’re not in the category of a wimp.)

The apostle Paul certainly didn’t start out a saint. Every person can turn back to Jesus and His arms will be open to every person genuine about following Him.

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