There is deep rooted pain that can disappear inside you. Some people say that unveiling the pain is opening up pandora’s box. I say it is a journey of letting go.

My spiritual journey in the last year is different than I ever could have imagined. The more I proclaim that nothing will stop me from God’s divine purpose, the more I am tested to see how hot I can stand the fire.

This fire burns differently than any other.

Today I am at a Retreat Center for Women. I have one day, although I feel I need 30 days to win this spiritual battle. Isn’t it amazing that we feel like we know what we need, but really the Lord is the One who knows and the battle has already been won.

During a time of prayer and contemplation the Lord spoke to me and he gently reminded me that He alone is my honor. He alone is my refuge. He alone is my strength.

And . . . I will not be shaken.

Sometimes it feels as though there is a target on my head as I continue to be true to my Lord and prophesy what I know rather than what I feel.

Surely the last year my heart, my life, my circumstances have all been shaken. My assurance is knowing Truth. When the roots remain strong the tree will stand.

So I stand, a tree whose leaves sometimes are barren and withering and I remember John 14. I feel I have been through the most incredible tornado and everything around me has been destroyed from the elements. It feels like a barren land with a tree in the middle of nothing. The tree stands alone, but it still stands because the roots are connected to a God who has a plan for the tree.

A year and a half ago the Lord gave me the Word that would see me through this unbelievable battle. He said, “I am the Vine, you are the branches. Those who remain in me and I in them will produce much fruit, for without me you can do nothing.”

A woman with vision is a woman on a mission. That’s me and if you’re here, reading this, it’s probably you too. We are called to a purpose that is well beyond ourselves.

I think of the people that have hurt me, the people who have not supported me in doing what God Himself is telling me to do. Sometimes the calling is not pretty, it’s not an easy calling and that makes people around me uncomfortable. I have felt so dishonored.

Today I am at peace, grateful that God reminds me that He is my honor and some day as with King David, He will honor me by humbling those around me. Some day they will see me for who I really am, a woman desperately seeking after God’s own heart. This is an honorable place to be. I am letting go of the need for honor because I realize that all honor belongs to the Lord.

Much Love, Jenene

One thought on “Life is a Spiritual Journey

  1. Sharon

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us on Monday – it moved me to tears. It was a pleasure to meet you and as I have taken some time to explore your website, I feel I have gotten to know you a little bit more and am amazed at your ministry. What a gift you are to God’s people! God has brought certain people into my life over the past several years whose writing (and friendships) have changed my life beyond measure. You have a new, faithful reader in me and I thank you for that!

    And, oh yes, the vine and the branches – this has been a common theme that has spoken to me in scripture and other reading repeatedly over the past few months. So powerful.

    Beautiful work Jenene.


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