Know Jesus. Know Power. No Jesus. No Power.

God is always faithful to us, but our journey to be faithful to Him is another story. I think it’s because people have a hard time grasping how accessible God really is. That tells me we need to do a lot more growing up spiritually speaking. We need the power of God in our lives to live out His purposes.

I was raised in a family where I was in desperate need to feel loved and Jesus showed himself faithful. I was so desperate for love I thought I would die of loneliness at times. I was a heartbroken little girl and felt like an outsider in my family. This has caused me to have a great compassion for those who are lonely, outcast or heart broken.

I learned about Jesus’ teachings and his ministry through a children’s Bible that I came to depend on for survival, but I knew His Spirit way before that.

Yesterday, my seven year old unchurched Grandson reminded me of how amazing God is when we’re children. Yesterday he started talking about God. His parents aren’t Christians to set the stage so I use discernment in our conversations about God. He told me God was a Spirit and He created everything. Then I said, “Do you know Jesus?” He said, “of course Grandma”. I said, “who is He?” He said, “Jesus is God too and He is really nice and He is going to come back some day.” Pretty insightful for an unchurched seven year old.  I said, “who told you all that?” He said, no one, I just know. I said, “how do you know?” He said, I don’t know, I just do.” Is that awesome or what! That’s my God! Then, last night when we were going to bed, he said he wanted all of us to have a turn to pray. Then he made a game of it. He said, “I think this is a good practice. I want to get really good at this.” Hmmm. I think he got that desire from his Grandma. We each prayed seven times a different prayer, Isaiah, me and Grandpa. He wanted my Granddaughter Kaydance to play, but I reminded him she wasn’t even two yet. I was blown away! He said, “I want God to talk back to me and I can’t hear him.” So I told him what I tell everyone, “sometimes it takes special ears. So you should pray for special ears to hear God.” I also told him “God talks to his heart so listen with your heart.” He understood all that. Yesterday was a special day!

When I was a child I knew when that feeling of loneliness and desperation showed up I could grab my Bible and it would be enough to get me to the next day. It became my source of power and strength to keep going. Jesus’s Word and His example became my life survival kit and my source of hope. Until I was 30 I was doing a lot of surviving. I survived many horrible and unspeakable things. I am a walking billboard of the grace and miracles of God. Without the Power of the Word in my life, I’d literally be dead today.

The feeling of emptiness and powerlessness that life had a tendency to bring could only be filled with a living and breathing God. I needed more than words in a book to get me through. Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through me. The Father greets me every day with such gladness as I approach His Throne of grace. I’ve learned not to take what the Bible says for granted because there’s real power in it. The more we depend on the Word as as a way of life the more we activate the power that’s available to us.

Now, years later, I still depend on the Word for times of survival, but I’ve moved on from wanting to survive- to wanting to thrive as a partner and daughter of God. I want to learn the mysteries of God because I believe these mysteries need to be described to the world. These deeper Truths and mysteries are creative conversations that draw people, especially the spiritual. I make no bones about it, I am on a mission to draw people to Jesus.

The more mature I become as a Christian, the more I desire to experience the presence and power of God even more in my life. I realize now He’s waiting for us to believe we are who He says we are, children of God. I’ve learned the secret to having a profound spiritual relationship with God- BE DETERMINED!  Be determined to follow God’s Word and CHOOSE POWERFULLY everyday to make Jesus your way of life.  As a mature Christian I now COME BOLDLY to His throne where I know without a doubt there is pure power, love and compassion. How absolutely blessed we are to be able to come to the throne of God and be accepted exactly as we are. God is surely waiting for us to get this at a much deeper level.

Stop Being Small

If you’ve been being small in your relationship with God, today is a beautiful day to start being big, for God’s sake, for your sake and for the world’s sake. Just commit and stop it!

Remember These 3 Things

Be determined to follow the Word

Choose powerfully to make Jesus your Way of life

Come boldly to His throne of grace every day


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