Permission to Speak Freely

I sent this email below to Anne Jackson just a few minutes ago. Don’t know who she is? She’s an author of an awesome and raw book called Permission to Speak Freely. She poses the question, “What is the one thing you feel you can’t say in the church?” It’s a brilliant question. In posing the question, she asked people to send in their artistic confessions and she says her responses were “beyond anything I could have imagined”.

I was moved greatly by her courage and her story. The Lord has been encouraging me to write my own book and include other women’s stories of what they’ve survived- only by the grace of God. I am finding women hesitating, holding back and considering sharing their story.

My email to Anne Jackson:

Hello Anne,

 I am not expecting a response to this email, but I had to share with you how inspired I was by your book Permission to Speak Freely. I basically had to get that off my chest. I want to honor you for your boldness and authenticity. What a breathe of fresh air! The Lord has asked me to do a campaign called “Share Your Story” for a book He wants me to write. I am looking for women to share their stories. On the web page I have an option of, yes, no, considering. I am finding a lot of women choosing the considering option. So, in reading your story, it just made me think, “how do I get women to share the story that God is calling them to share?” How do I find the women who are bold enough that they will tell their story even in the face of their fear of rejection or judgment?  I love your rawness and I believe it’s time for this. It’s time to be raw so we can brilliantly share the love of Christ. May the Lord bless abundantly you for the courageous work you are doing.

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