Lead With Spirit

We must know in our bones God’s heart for equality and wholeness in the body of Christ then live our lives out of that truth, with invitation and joy, as living prophets of God’s way of life. -Sarah Bessey

Beautiful! Beautiful! I love that quote. I really don’t know if it’s possible to put into words how full of joy my heart is to see the Church rising up and coming together to realize we’ve got to focus on our similarities and set aside our differences, but there’s more to go. I’ve been on a rant about this in my head for years now. My heart has been broken so many times as I’ve talked with my daughters that aren’t following Christ. I have heard their arguments about “the Church” and they are valid points. It has taken a long time to get this place of grace in a place where grace was created.

The brokenness of Church leadership impacts American society, the world and our culture. Some churches are getting on board and becoming more accountable to how far their reach can go in the world, however too many still are not. It’s time for a powerful move of God and new strategies to reach the world outside the Church walls. When the world is starting to notice the good works we’re doing we know that our Father in heaven is being glorified and we as His children are transforming into His True leaders. The Church needs exhortation to boldly call them to a higher understanding of expanded leadership.

I believe what we’re seeing now is evidence that God’s Spirit is moving and expanding and preparing us because the time is seriously drawing near. We are learning oh so slowly, but nonetheless learning, how to love each other and the peoples of the world.

Once again it is time to stand up and lead with the Spirit of God at the helm and create a new generation of Spirit-led leaders that can affect culture. Leadership really is about calling out the greatness and value of another human being, calling out their determination and allowing for the freedom to be uniquely inspired by God.

I have prayed for nearly four years looking for clarity on where to focus my efforts in order to accomplish the prophetic vision the Lord gave me to bring healing to the nations. I am getting clearer and clearer that if we want world change and to change the eternity of a world crying out for Truth, then our leaders must lead boldly with God’s will leading the charge. My God-inspired vision is to call out greatness and transformation in God’s leaders and this will accommodate for my burning desire to see God’s Church rise up, put our selves aside, and finally lead like Jesus. The burden I carry are for the lost, broken, homeless and enslaved. These real cultural and world issues can only be eradicated by God’s Holy Spirit working through His leaders. Leaders need an explosive awakening and quickening to a fresh perspective on the possibilities of the Great Commission if we choose to take it seriously. Where there is no leadership there is decline. Where there is leadership there is transformation and growth.

So many leaders have given up or become resigned to what they are seeing going on around them. We need to stop complaining about it and do something. I am learning the Lord’s hand isn’t moved by our complaining. There is no value in it in our direct dealings with God. I truly believe we will be surprised when the Church finally realizes that we’re not only responsible for our churches, but also for what is happening and has happened around the world for thousands of years. It is no wonder, the Lord prophetically spoke regarding the future, (paraphrasing) many in that day will say Lord Lord we did all these great things in your name and we cast out demons in your name and still Jesus will say, I never knew you. The big BECAUSE is- because you did not do the will of My Father in heaven. Don’t kid your self we can easily be led astray by the enemy in our spiritual gifts and stop following GodLet’s get on board with God’s will minute by minute and in each step we take. That is true authentic commitment to Christ by submission.

We need more leaders willing to say what needs to be said. We need more leaders to have an awakening to their responsibility to Christ Himself. We need more leaders to recognize the gift we have to be able to go into the Holy of Holies and see miracles happen as we bring our best offerings to Him. We need the warrior to rise up inside us and fight for a Church that WILL BE JUDGED because Jesus commissioned us to go into the nations and it is about time we get serious about this. In my Lord’s name I pray for a miracle in the mind’s and hearts of His leader’s today.

I can hear Him now saying, “rise, rise, rise”.  Yes Lord. Amen

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