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Current Feature: Slay The Demons

[su_dropcap]W[/su_dropcap]Writing is not difficult. Just sit down and bleed. That’s what I did with this short Feature called “Slay The Demons, Longing for Sovereignty”.

It’s a vulnerable piece of work that you will hear yourself in. It will liberate you to fight to see God’s Plan come to pass in your life. It will without question have you know that you are not alone in your journey as a feminine leader. We are all learning the art of struggle and the journey towards freedom.

If it touches or encourages you, please do me a favor and send the link out on your social media sites with whatever authentic testimony you have. Also, if you could please use the hashtag #slaythedemons that would be awesome. Much Love, Jenene  xo

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Excerpt: sit down and bleed] I never thought the heartache would end after Zach died last year. Even now I admit that I can only sit with the memories of those chaotic days for a few moments. I left my brother four days before he passed and it almost killed me to say goodbye. Write Jenene. Sit down and bleed it out. Do your part to change the landscape of culture. I cursed that day. I had to leave Zach alone to get back and help the homeless. To my very spiritual core I wanted to slay those addiction demons for my brother. I wanted to bring him back from the dead so he could live his life again. I tried to convince myself that if my faith were stronger, I could raise Zach from the dead two weeks after he passed away. I know. I’m a little crazy. At 46, I lived long enough to not give a crap about what’s insignificant. It’s my spiritual journey and I’m livin’ it. It’s raw, vulnerable and ultimately, it’s good. Truth is, as distraught and traumatized as I was watching him suffer 18 days of a living hell, I couldn’t get rid of his demons. I was just too close. They knew my weakness and my calling to bring healing to the nations. No one was ever more imprisoned than my Dear Brother. Seven years ago the demons spoke through my brother as he was tied down to the hospital bed. They told me they were going to kill me. Not the first time I’ve heard that. I’m still here.

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