Miracles Are Happening

Wow! This is so cool. Make sure and watch the clip below. The movie Son of God, coming out on February 28th is the first full feature motion picture on the life of Jesus in 50 years according to Roma Downey, one of the filmmakers of this film. You may also recall her as the main character in the show that aired years ago on television called Touched by An Angel and the filmmaker for the Bible Series.

As I was watching the clip I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit working behind it. It’s an exciting time right now in America and in Hollywood. Please pass these links on, spread the word on your social media sites.You can also go to their website here to get involved or encourage your church to get involved. Son of God Resources here.

In the month of March the movie God’s Not Dead is also coming out. Pretty cool how the first movie is Son of God and the second major motion film is God’s Not Dead. There must be a third one coming soon after because God loves making a point by repeating himself in threes. Excited to see what that one will be. I’ll keep ya’ll posted. Much Grace & Brilliance, Jenene P.S. I know he’s gorgeous, not exactly a match for the real Jesus, but hey, if it gets butts in the seat, I say it was a brilliant move on God’s part.

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