Speaker, Coach, Girl’s Advocate

Welcome Culture Changers & Brave Storytellers,

Here’s an intro to my Story Media Kit below or you can just click the link to download the entire thing.


A force to reckon with . . .

Jenene Stafford is a seer and a vulnerable story teller, a breathe of bold fresh air and unapologetically a voice of liberation for tainted girls and women. She is known as the Jesus Woman by those who know her well and proudly claims the title of Jesus Feminist. She’s a Truth Teller, a brilliant light going into dark places, hangin’ with the homeless, the-too-broken-to-fix, the ones people shy away from and won’t look in the eye. She’s a destiny walker, life-liberator, freedom-seeker, culture-changer, legacy-liver, barrier-breaker and a faithful-following-fire-walker. 

Media Kit Download

See you on the other side!

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