The 30-Day Challenge To Let Go

Hi Ladies,

The Lord challenged me 18 days ago to do a 30-Day Challenge to let go and let God. If I judge myself I am failing miserably, but I am trusting God to provide at least 1 major breakthrough. Actually I’ve already had sooo many!  I felt He challenged me to use dance/movement as my challenge. In my case I needed to slow down to be present enough to let Him work through me, so my dance is all about slowing myself down, otherwise it would not be a challenge.

I realized that the challenge is seriously about letting go of myself so God can work through me. Basically, I really want to get out of His way so my divine purpose will be fulfilled. The videos I’m posting on Youtube are a way for me to physically see Him inside my movement. How much of the movement is about me? How much of it is Him using me?

Am I truly spirit led as I claim to be? I think the authentic answer is sometimes I am. However, what I’m learning through this journey is that lots of distractions get in the way. Being present is really easy when there’s nothing in the way that would have us resist, therefore, I guess you could say there’s no challenge in that.

If you go to our Youtube channel you’ll see the progression, stumbling blocks and the journey that we’re going through. Here’s Day 7. You can watch the others if you want you’ll see them labeled. I also, put one of the videos below. This one is about pushing through all that attempts to stop you.

The goal is to let the Lord move us forward. I believe it is no accident that the Lord has directed me to dance (a practice in presence and being, Cindy to lead music (leadership and being) at church and Suni to make time to write (time management).

The goal of all of our challenges is to grow, let go, be present and be the woman God created us to be. To flourish, to fly, to be abundant, to love fully, to share our stories and vulnerabilities is all for a divine purpose greater than ourselves.

If the Lord is challenging you in a particular area, just be God’s “yes” Girl. Just do it, let Him challenge you. Don’t fight the process. Enjoy the journey! We’re right there with you.

Live Brilliantly Today!

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