Bring Your Fire & Rain

Some of us feel the cry of Jesus, his heartbreak over His Church.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to watch His children be tossed about, have their eyes closed and sit back comfortably watching the enemy thwart His plan. While He knows His plan is good and perfect, the enemy works to make us weak, lukewarm and useless in God’s Kingdom.

I know how it sounds crazy to a lot of Christians, but I really do feel the cry of Jesus. I have heard His voice to bring healing to the nations and I know as sure as I breathe this very moment that it because we are being so small in the face of such a BIG God. We are wimpy too often and try to do so much within our own strength. Jesus doesn’t work that way. It’s His strength that matters. Our job is submission to the will of God. Our job is boldness in the face of all the giants around us. Our job is to stand even when we’re violently trembling with fear. In that stepping out and attempting to walk on the water, it is the power of God that will rise up and make us into His True Church.

We must battle the mind and the consistent distractions of the enemy in order to come to terms with God’s way of doing things. The news is good, however, because the reward is a victorious life and purpose in Christ and there is nothing in this world more fulfilling than that spiritual knowledge. It’s my deep prayer for a Church awakening, for Jesus to rain down from heaven and end the drought of faith, for fire to consume the works of the enemy and purify our souls so that we will rise up and become true warriors worthy of our calling. We’ve got to get our head into the clouds of God and out of this chaotic world. Ask the Lord to give you a vision for His plan for you and do not let it go. It is what you must hold on to help you keep going forward.

If you let go of the vision because you’re worn out, it’s predictable to move into resignation and then depression. What follows can be a nightmare and a sure way for the enemy to take ground in your mind. It’s a tactic he uses all the time. Resignation brings depression, depression brings sedation and then the world becomes an easy target and we aren’t even a worthy adversary to the enemy. We are then subdued and looking around trying to figure out how in the heck did I get here?  Now, we’ve become truly useless because we’ve blindly given our authority to the enemy. This is why I pray God will open our eyes so we can see what the enemy is doing to the Church.

If our job as Christians is to bring healing to a broken world through Christ, how do we do that when the enemy has such an unworthy military opponent! We are putty in his hands. It’s disgusting! Now, everyone, Christians and world religions are feeling the change in spiritual climate as we draw closer to Christ’s return. Christ is preparing His army and I can’t sugar coat this, He will eliminate the barley that is of no use to him. He is right now drawing His Church from everywhere and the religious are going to balk and not get it. This is why they will lose their religion.

Who are we to tell Jesus where to pull His army from? This is the day we’re in. It’s fighting time and no time for useless Christians. It’s the kind of time like when Jesus said in His Holy Word, you will drink my blood and eat my flesh and the disciples went running. They said this is too much, we can’t handle this crazy talk. That is the season the Church is in, so don’t be surprised when you see a little more chaos and division in the Church because it is all for the sake of preparing for Christ’s return. Those who remain standing will get their crown. Those who see will see even more. Those who truly love will love the unloveables. We will see miracles happen in America because we’re going to get very hungry for Truth in the middle of the chaos. There is great hope during this season.

This American soil is being tilled. The entire New Testament Bible is a witness to the effectiveness of Jesus’ cultivation of the“soil.” His True disciples will go on to do miraculous things in forwarding the Kingdom, as we carry out the Greatest Commission the world has ever known, to share the grace and story of a loving, kind and sovereign Jesus.

As Jesus’ present day ambassadors of Truth, we’ve got to hoe, weed, remove rocks, and fertilize the soil so that the ones in whom the Word is sown might be able to understand it, hold it, live in it, and produce an abundance of fruit. (John 15:5). My prayer for you today is to tend to your own ground so we can help with other people’s soil. Now is the time to draw closer to the Creator of the soil and remember in Mark’s version of this parable, Jesus is portrayed as using the phrase,“nobility of character” (greek word- kalokagathia). The phrase is used to describe “good soil,” that is, the person in whom the Word takes root and produces well.  John 15:5, which is my life’s Scripture to live by, that says (5) “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” Notice the word remaining. Remain in Him and you will produce beautiful things. Stand and then stand some more.

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