by Jenene Stafford ]  The Jesus Woman

Are You Being Intentional?

A good question to type up poster size and put on your bathroom mirror is “what is my intention today?”

Let me explain.

This came to me as I was once again soul-troubled as I was reading about the Christian Mystics. How many are misunderstood, right off the bat without hearing their story or what’s at the heart of who they are. Sadly, many so-called Christians are still living and perceiving things from a religious perspective, rather than a spiritual one. Jesus was so against that. It’s a time to get out of the box.

Am I saying everyone who claims the title of Christian Mystic a true follower of Christ? Absolutely not! No more would I say that should we believe that everyone who claims to be a Christian is actually a Follower of Jesus.

Jesus himself, said “many will come to heaven’s door saying Lord Lord and Jesus will say away, I never knew you because you did not do the will of my Father.”  This scripture confronts a lot of Christians and it needs to confront a whole lot more.

If we could go deeper please. What’s the spiritual teaching here?

Jesus set the example consistently to do the Father’s will. He said, not my will but your will be done Father. Do you think Jesus wasn’t tempted to say, “I can’t do this.”? If you’ve read the Word you know differently. Of course He was. He said, let this cup pass from me.

He lived each day intentionally, intentionally listening to the voice of God and doing the Father’s will. He was in the Father and the Father was in Him. This is such a powerful teaching. He said, we (His children) are in Them (Jesus, The Father & the Spirit).

Well, if that’s the case, are we ignoring Them because we don’t always sense Their presence? Or is it that we don’t sense the Spirit’s presence because we aren’t intentionally looking to do the will of God? Hmm . . .

Obviously, if Christ turns someone away it is for the reasons He gave in Matthew 7:21-23:

I never knew you.
You didn’t do the will of My Father.
You who worked iniquity. (immoral, corrupt, evil, wickedness, violators of moral law)

There’s no guessing here. As relational beings we know if we know someone or not. We know if we’re acquainted with someone. We know if we’ve read about someone or heard about someone. None of those things are knowing someone intimately.

When you know Jesus and His Way, His Truth, His Life, then you are intimately in relationship with Him and your deepest desires in life will be to know what He wants you doing with the gift of life He has given you. You will seek after those spiritual gifts the New Testament Bible teaches with humility so as to not move over into the devil’s camp unintentionally (being corrupted) as false prophets do (mentioned in Matthew 22-23).

Certainly we are at an age where the Spirit is moving powerfully and the spiritual gifts of true believers are increasing and it’s so exciting because we’re getting closer to our Lord coming back. We can’t fear this time, we need to celebrate it!

Do we need to be leery of those who call themselves prophets or apostles or are just a little outside or even a lot outside the box, who work miracles and heal others in the name of Jesus? Clearly Jesus says in verse 22 “many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works?” He’s telling us the culture will consist of a lot of supernatural movements, but He’s not saying don’t trust anyone who uses what much of the Church would refer to as the “questionable” gifts. He’s speaking to us letting us know that time is coming (I think it’s here.) and it’s a warning to not be corrupted by the power. We are still jars of clay carrying an incredible power.

Some of us have kept our eyes on the Lord and are working miracles through the Spirit and prophesying through the Spirit with the Father’s intention and plan running the show. We are still part of the Body of Christ in it’s wonderfully artistic form.

Too many doorways are opened unintentionally because we are not living intentionally for God’s will remembering it is God’s power working through us.

You’ve got to keep your eyes focused on Jesus, who knows our intentions. He knows the heart better than we know ourselves. He knows our motives. If not, as our gifts grow we can become arrogant and get caught up in the moment of spiritual power.

We don’t have to like everything the Father calls us to do. That has nothing to do with being intentional.

If you will be intentional about doing the Father’s will and set yourself aside, miracles WILL happen. You will know a Holy Holy Holy God who has so many more good things for you. You will understand the power of intention will draw you to throne of His grace where all pure and lovely power exists.

There’s a lot at stake. Let’s be True Kingdom Builders and do the Father’s will. Let’s rise up and be the Church in all it’s Glory!

Much Grace & Brilliance,




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