Welcoming Rejuvenation

by Suni Bradford

I am one that wakes up “happy” and ready to take the day on.  This can be very annoying to folks that aren’t this type of riser. Perhaps you’ve lived with one, they moan, no not already at the alarm clock then they bond with it several times by way of the reset button.  I’ve never quite figured that one out, why not just set the alarm out a half an hour rather then wake, rest, wake, rest? That’s exhausting in itself right….or maybe they are outsmarting themselves into thinking they are getting more sleep.  Then finally dragging themselves and their feet to the coffee pot and their day begins.

I love getting up when it is still and quiet outside.  The sound of the birds chirping brings joy to my heart.  It sets the mood for my time with God.  The time with God produces an outcome of rejuvenation.  I say, if Jesus did this as He rose early in the morning and went to a quiet place and spent time in prayer; it must be a great way to start the day.  Mark 1:35 paraphrased.

Which ever you are, I encourage you to welcome the day with the excitement of “today’s the day”.

Can you use a little vitality and freshness?  I can’t think of a better way to be restored then time seeking His wisdom, His guidance and His loving voice.


  • set that alarm a few minutes earlier
  • grab your favorite mug full coffee or tea
  • grab your bible
  • and head to your favorite chair

A suggestion is to have a note pad handy. So if your head goes all over the place (like mine) you can jot down a note of thoughts that come to mind, for example, things that need to get done and not let it take up time in my head so I can focus on the Lord.

Throw a little exercise in there and girl your on the move.

Ready, Set, Go

Have a blessed day!

Suni J

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