This is a controversial subject about the rapture of the Church. It is open for debate between you and God, but not between you and me. As I’ve said many times on my blog, my goal is to draw you closer to Jesus Christ and His Holy Bible so if you disagree with something I write, then ask the Lord yourself. I will always attempt to persuade you to pray, read the Bible for yourself, investigate and let the Holy Spirit be your guiding light and the Director of the steps you take.

A Little Bit of My Background

I was raised for the most part in a charismatic Pentecostal Church (without snakes), with a couple years as a Jehovah’s Witness as a young child and a Latter Day Saint Mormon as a young teenager. That was also short lived as I discovered the incredible flaws and contradictions to the Bible. I was then sent to a conservative Baptist Church for about seven years, back to my loving childhood Pentecostal roots and for the last four years we are part of a New Covenant Church, called Bayside of Citrus Heights in California. When I came here, I was upset with God because I said, “where are the pews and the altars?” Being a woman of prayer and receiving so much grace from praying and laying on of hands, it really bothered me not having some of the things I was accustomed to in the way of religious worship and practice. However, the Lord showed me that He has a bigger plan and that He is everywhere and He has the grace to allow for the mistakes/theological differences in His Church. As imperfect beings we are not going to get everything right. This topic of the Rapture is one that many Christians vary on and I think it’s about time we stop taking our Pastor’s word for it and go to the Word of God ourselves.

Every Church Has Something Wrong

It has always bothered me tremendously when Christians say negative things about each other because I see it as insulting to God and lacking maturity. It is why you will always hear me say I am a Follower of Jesus, rather than a Baptist or Pentecostal, or whatever. Not to say, I am bothered by any True Christian who chooses to put a label on themselves. I choose to label myself based on the relationship I have with Jesus and what He calls me to do. I am a Jesus woman, a woman seeking after the heart of Jesus and the deeper truths of what He taught through Scripture. I live to be guided by His Holy Spirit and I remain imperfect, however fervently desire to do God’s will rather than my own.

I believe Jesus points it out clearly that it was by design (Ephesians 4:11-16) that we would not all be the same and why. This should not be a secret to any Bible studying and believing Christian. His Holy Word is right even if we as His Church get our interpretations wrong. We are to love one another in our differences and stop trying to prove how right we are, but prove how right His Word is. If we spent more time studying the Word and less time insulting and gossiping about each other the Army of God would be much stronger in our cause for Christ. Now more than ever is the time to understand the implications of a healthy or unhealthy body of Christ. The Lord asked me to help Him heal His Church over three years ago. He said, “my body is sick and it is not functioning well.”  I didn’t know exactly what He meant at first, but it is growing ever clearerWith the times rapidly growing closer to the Great Tribulation we need to understand that Jesus the Judge is coming and perhaps the Church in the last Century has misinterpreted some things on the topic of the rapture.

Are we really going to escape what looks like prophetically could happen at any moment? What if it happens later than we think and we should be preparing the Church and humanity for what is to come during the Great Tribulation rather than getting ready to go on a long awaited vacation. In case, you are wondering, I have always thought we would escape the horrors, but I am unsure and leaning towards the evidence pointing to God’s Church being more useful here rather than gone. It’s not enough for me to say that, however, without delving into the Scripture, putting what I’ve heard from the pulpit to the side and investigating for myself. This video provides alot in the way of helping you research this out so you can determine and pray about it for yourself.

I hesitate to share some of these things at times because I really want you to determine for yourself and I don’t want anyone saying that Jenene said this or said that. But, putting my fear aside, some things like this topic of the pre-tribulation rapture are very critical I believe because the implications are great and we will be held accountable.

Do the research. I think the Pre-tribulation is very popular in Christianity, but something about it has always not set well with me and I’m wondering if there are others feeling the same way. There is nothing to lose to prepare to be here during the Tribulation period, but alot to lose if we’re wrong and we’re unprepared. Perhaps it is better to err on the side of preparing for what is worse, yet hoping for the best. Perhaps thinking we’re escaping sooner than we are will cause the Church to be slack and not remember what we are here for, the Great Commission. Go and make disciples of all men until Jesus returns. Don’t be comfortable, lazy, asleep or lukewarm ever as Jesus speaks of judging the seven churches in Revelation Chapter 1-4 and this applies to His Church worldwide, not a specific Church age as some would say. It would make no sense to interpret the Judgement of the Church in Revelation in the context of what happened in the past because we know the Book of Revelation is a Book to tell us about what is to come. It is a Book of WARNING.

We are called to overcome during a life of tribulation and then we will receive our crowns and we may be here during the Great Tribulation which could be less than seven years. There will be a Rapture, but when? I’m just saying . . .scripturally speaking check it out for yourself.

Watch this Movie After The Tribulation


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